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Stop snoring permanently in 7 days with Ayurveda

How often do you feel like kicking your partner for snoring loudly? How many times have your friends recorded your snoring sounds and embarrassed you in front of people? How about I tell you that with a simple Ayurvedic home remedy you can stop snoring permanently.

This is a tried-and-tested method and the results were visible in only five days. The snoring went down by 95%. Isn’t that great? Read on to find out how to do this.

So what exactly is snoring?

In the United States alone, 37 million people snore on a regular basis. Imagine the number of people snoring across the world. Good for us that we have different time zones.

According to modern medicine, snoring happens due to turbulent flow of air while sleeping. The air is blocked either by inflamed nostrils, fat around the throat, sinus infections, allergies, ageing or sleep apnea.

If you have symptoms of sleep apnea, consult a doctor or find an ayurvedic expert for a better solution.

According to me, pollution and excessive use of air conditioners are one of the biggest reasons for the increased number of snorers in recent years.

The particles from pollution cause congestion in the nose and hence airflow is restricted. Also, the air from an AC dries out your nostrils which constricts the nasal opening.

The inner lining of our nostrils have become dry and the mucous membrane which lines the nostrils becomes dry too.

The natural resistance to or holding of unwanted materials in the nostrils become weak, giving rise to persistent infections and congestions.

Have you noticed sleeping up with a temporary cold when you wake up in the morning after sleeping in an air-conditioned room?

Corrective surgery might offer some respite but it has its own monetary and health-related challenges.

So what do you think is a better way to stop snoring without burning a hole in your pocket?

How to stop snoring in 2 easy steps?

In this blog post, I am sharing a 100% tested 2 step method to stop snoring completely.

The results will begin to show from the 4th day. However, for some people, it might take longer. The 7-day tenure is hence perfect to see the results.

This process should be done in the morning on an empty stomach. You can, however, drink a glass or two of warm water 10-15 mins before step 1.

Step 1: Coconut oil

Yes, you heard that right. Coconut oil is the ultimate game changer for those who have a persistent snoring problem. As mentioned earlier, the membranes inside the nostrils have become dry.

We need to understand that just like a corroded machine needs a lubricant to get the system going, our bodies too need moisture.

The central nervous system, our joints, and our skin need moisture to survive and function better.

But wait, what is the right way to use coconut oil to stop snoring and can it be used solely to solve the problem?

First of all, remember to use only edible virgin coconut oil for this process.

Secondly, this method should be done in the morning on an empty stomach.

All you have to do is put a few drops of coconut oil in the nostrils either using a dropper or using your own fingertips.

If you are using your fingertips, remember to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid any more infection.

Stop snoring nasal oil treatment picture

If you are trying this during winters, the coconut oil might be frozen and you should warm the oil enough to bring it to the liquid state.

Dip your finger to test if the oil is too hot. Do not, I repeat, do not put the oil in your nostrils if you feel it’s too hot on your finger. Lukewarm oil is ideal for this process.

If you are not sure about putting oil in your nostrils, this infographic might help you. This is not a new fad in the market, it’s an ayurvedic science.

Countries like India see a lot of people do that on a regular basis either with coconut oil or clarified butter, whichever available.

In fact, the panchakarma detox in Ayurveda lays great importance on nasal oiling.

Stop snoring_oil_benefits

Step:2 Breathing exercises

Enough importance has been laid upon the breathing exercises or pranayama in Ayurveda. In order to stop snoring and reap the benefits 100%, the oiling ritual should be followed by a 10 min breathing exercise session.

When you do breathing exercises after nasal oiling, the heat produced in the body allows for easy and quicker absorption of oil in the system.

Also, it helps in clearing blockages or congestion in the body. The lubrication in the oil along with with powerful breathing force the blockages to open up quickly.

These exercises provide more oxygen to the brain and blood and thus increases metabolism.

But how do you do these breathing exercises and for how long?

The three most important breathing exercises for this method

1. Kapalabhati or skull shining exercise

This is the most effective breathing exercise you will ever come across. The heat generated in the body allows better circulation of blood giving your forehead a peculiar glow (hence the name).

150-200 reps of the exercise will be enough for this process. It will remove toxins and increase the surge of oxygen in the body.

Please note, this exercise should not be performed during menstruation. 

2. Bhastrika or Bellows Breath

Bhastrika or bellows breath is an active inhalation and exhalation process. If you are doing it for the first time, you will feel an immense calmness after doing this exercise.

50 reps of Bhastrika are enough for this process. Make sure you don’t perform this exercise during menstruation.

3. Anulom-Vilom or Alternate nostril breathing

This is a very calming breathing exercise. It strengthens the liver and creates balance in your body and mind.

15 reps on each side are good enough.  You can do this even during your menstrual cycle.

A visual list of exercises and how many counts of these exercises should you do is given below.

Stop Snoring with breathing exercises


Note down your progress each day or you can ask someone who has long been annoyed of your snoring to record your snores and celebrate the process. 😉

After seven days there will be a substantial decrease in the snoring. This is a very effective way to stop snoring permanently over a period of time.

If you want to continue doing this after 7 days, you can do it. There is no limit to how many days you should do this in a row. The whole process is extremely beneficial for your overall health.

You can also choose to continue with just one step after completing this 7-day course.

If you can’t see any change, continue for 7 more days to feel the effects.

Other things to consider to stop snoring

1. If you have more fat on your body, chances are that there will be fat around your throat area which too contributes to snoring. Choose an exercise that works best for you, be it yoga, gym or any sport.

2.  Dust is a known allergen across the world. Vacuum your home once a month at least to remove dust particles. These particles often accumulate on the mattresses and couches.

3. Use a humidifier to maintain some moisture in the home. If a humidifier is an expensive option you can simply use a face steamer in your room to maintain a little moisture.


If you find the article beneficial, share with your friends and family.

Comment below and share your story of natural healing.

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Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma
5 years ago

Thanks for the wonderful advice.

Chakshu Vats
Chakshu Vats
5 years ago
Reply to  Manish Sharma

Thanks Manish. Hope it helped you 🙂

Thomas Derocco
Thomas Derocco
5 years ago

so much excellent information on here, : D.