If you suffer from work anxiety- Read this!!

work anxiety

This story is based on the life of Mrs. Devki & Ritwik.  Names have been changed to maintain anonymity. Mrs. Devki is the narrator.

B****, can’t you see properly!! Stay at home if you can’t drive.” These were the words I heard from him while we drove past a girl on our way to work. I had a chance to look at her fear stricken face for a few seconds. While my husband, Ritwik, raced against the drivers on the road and attended his important work calls, I couldn’t stop thinking about that girl. What if she was driving for the first time? What if her family is in trouble? What if she already was at the verge of breaking down? What if? In that moment I realized, how work anxiety was vitiating this strong man.

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Meditation for Heartbreak- Story of a girl who believed and won

Meditation for heartbreak feat img

Start a meditation practice, I said. Meditation for heartbreak!! Yeah right! was her response.

I was sitting in the office a few years back and I saw a fellow colleague of mine enter the room in her usual chirpy demeanor.

She greeted in an exciting tone and sat down to work but I felt something was amiss. This was when I had just completed my yoga course and got back to my job. I saw a cloud of deep sadness looming around her. Continue reading “Meditation for Heartbreak- Story of a girl who believed and won”

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