how to choose a Panchakarma centre

How to choose a Panchakarma centre? | Factors to consider

You have gone through tons of resources to see what is panchakarma and if it really works. You are now convinced that Panchakarma is an ideal therapy for you. The next step is to find a Panchakarma treatment centre. But you are wondering how to choose a Panchakarma centre?

What factors should you look at? Should you just find anyone near you? Or should you choose the one that offers you the least expensive treatment? I know there are thousands of centres out there and choosing the one that fits your criteria and your budget is the next most significant step.

Panchakarma is a personalized 5-step deep cleansing process. It requires trained therapists and an experienced Ayurvedic doctor to analyse the type and duration of the process for you. The right Panchakarma treatment centre will either have doctors or will be a partner centre with a clinic.

The oils, herbs, medicines are prescribed by the doctor are used during the entire process. So make sure you choose a good Ayurvedic doctor.

It is imperative to do your own research before investing in the procedure. We have tried to answer all possible question you may have in order to decide the right centre for you.

If you have any other question please comment below and we will answer all your queries.

Verify the credentials

Panchakarma process is complicated and should only be undertaken in the presence of a trained doctor or therapist.

Several centres claim to have facilities for Panchkarma treatment but it is important to vet all the information before visiting any of the treatment centres. Before you choose a Panchakarma centre make sure you verify the educational qualifications of doctors and consultants and accreditation of the centre.

In India, Panchkarma treatment is usually provided by Ayurvedic doctors. These doctors are registered under the Medical Council of India and possess a medical degree called BAMS (Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medical Sciences) or a higher degree after BAMS. Before taking advice check the qualification of the doctor.

You can check the NABH website for accredited hospitals in India.

In the US, Ayurveda graduates from India are still not recognised as doctors. You can find Ayurvedic practitioners or Ayurvedic Consultants with BAMS degrees from India or a degree in alternative medicine from the USA.

Some of them are Doctors in western medicine who later studied alternative medicine like Dr Deepak Chopra.

Another place you can look for certified practitioners is NAMA( National Ayurvedic Medicine Association). Most good doctors or consultants are registered with NAMA and that can guarantee their qualifications.

Yoga teachers are not certified to do a Panchakarma treatment. It is a very detailed science. If the teacher has a certificate of training in Panchakarma and a license to do so, only then go for it.

Cost of treatment

A Panchkarma treatment can cost you from $1000-$7000 if you live in the USA. Most of these centres exclude lodging and food costs in the USA.

Before finalising anything make sure the cost is within your budget.

The treatment costs are much cheaper in South-East Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. The cost in India or Sri Lanka will be around $350-2500. It includes food and lodging in most cases.

If travelling is an option for you then I would highly recommend getting your treatment done in India or Sri Lanka. You can have a great experience at a fraction of the cost.

I have compiled some centres for you. You can compare the ratings and cost and make a decision accordingly.

Here are the resources to help you choose a Panchakarma centre,

Days required for the treatment

The basic detox packages start in the US for 5 days. However, the exact length of the treatment is evaluated by the doctor or consultant after studying your health. Most treatments lie in the range if 5- 21 days.

It is possible that you will have to take the treatment more than once for a complete recovery.

Location of the centre

The location should be chosen based on your preferences and what suits you the most depending upon your budget, current family situation, age and weather.

1. If you want a centre nearby where you can visit and come back to your own place, then look for options near you. In this case, the cost can sometimes be very high or the centre might not be equipped enough. Choose this option only if you think going away for a few days is not an option.

2. If your Panchakarma is going to be a long procedure then you can think about South-East Asian countries. You can even consult with the doctors online and help then understand how you are feeling. Before travelling to any other country for the treatment, have a consultation in place.

If you have a doctor nearby and they have partner institutes in these countries, go there. The climate is favourable throughout the year and the knowledge is unsurpassed.

Age of the centre

Before going to any centre make sure that it has extensive experience in administering Panchakarma treatments. There are centres with over 20 years of experience in western countries.

In India and Sri Lanka, you can find centres with a legacy of over 100 years.

The most significant thing to research is their prior experience with Panchakarma for different problems and how many patients they have treated till date.

If you are inquiring over a call make sure you ask for the data of treatment success. That will give you a fair idea of the quality of the treatment.

Reviews and testimonials

Most services in the West are listed on Yelp and you can go through their reviews and feedback before choosing a centre.

If however, the centre is not listed on any review service you can check their website or Youtube channel for testimonials. Most centres will have customer testimonials. It gives a fair idea of what to expect at the centre.

Kind of food

During Panchakarma, one is given a very light and easy digestible Ayurvedic food. In most cases, the patient is given Kitchari with clarified butter. However, it can vary based on the doctor’s suggestion.

Most meals are vegetarian, extremely light and easily digestible by the patients. Eating heavy, greasy, spicy or junk food is prohibited during the treatment.


Since Panchakarma is an internal cleansing process, it is imperative that the facility is extremely clean and hygienic. The machines used for the process should be well sanitised.

If you are staying in the centre make sure the rooms are clean and the sheets are changed regularly. Oil is one of the ingredients used for massage and can leave the sheets stained.

A clean, calm space accentuates healing. You can read the yelp reviews before making a decision.

Customised program

Ayurveda is the system of personalised medicine. Panchakarma is a completely customised program for every individual. Every individual has a unique composition and so the treatment varies. Depending upon your body constitution or dosha imbalance (Vata, Pitta or Kapha) the treatment is decided by the doctor or consultant.

There are several institutions that follow a one-fit approach for everyone. Avoid these centres at all costs. Panchakarma is not a Spa package. It is a deep cleanse to reset your entire body and mind. A standard package for everyone might cause further imbalances and even aggravate the problem in most cases.

Prior experience with foreign nationals

Before you choose a Panchakarma centre make sure the centre has experience with foreign nationals. Language and culture can vary significantly if you travel for your treatment.

Trust is the most important factors in healing. It is important they speak a foreign language to help you understand all the instruction given during the process.  If you can connect with other people who have been there, you should ask for their review.

Visit the centre

If you have shortlisted the centre, it is a good idea to visit personally and see the aura of the place. You can talk to the doctors and therapists and come to a conclusion if it is good for you.

If it is far away you can request a virtual tour of the place. Some centres have one on their website.



I know how difficult it is if you are dealing with a chronic issue. Now that you have decided to go through the treatment, it is essential to believe in the entire process.

If you are worried about the program it is always a good idea to try a home-based Panchakarma. It is a simple 5-step process which can be done at home. It is not a replacement for the treatment. It is an extremely simplified version for detoxing your body.

Unlike western medicine, Panchakarma works at the root cause of the problem. It can be a long process for some but the journey will be worth it. The transformation is unparalleled and you will come out a different person.

If you want to understand if Panchakarma is right for you or not, you can find all your answers here.

This is your first step towards a new life. You will be glad you took this step.

You will be surprised how much lighter you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. You will feel a new surge of energy in your body.

All these factors should give you a starting point for helping you choose a Panchakarma centre. If you have any more questions, please let us know in the comments below.


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