This is why you aren’t moving ahead in life.

Imagine you are in a car. You want to go to place X. You start the car and move 10 miles north, take a left turn and move 10 miles west. You suddenly forget the direction and your GPS stops working too. You are standing on the crossroads and you have to make a decision quickly.

So, you take a left again and go 10 miles towards the south. You stop your car and look around. The place looks familiar and you think you are going in the right direction.

Then you take another left and go 10miles to the east. Then suddenly you realised you have been driving around in circles.

You lost an hour of your time, didn’t reach place X for the party and now you are sulking over it.

This is what overthinking looks like. You miss out on life and you don’t reach anywhere in your life and then you think some more.

Having some directions laid out in life gives you a roadmap. It is then up to you to keep fulfilling those roadmaps and move ahead in your journey.


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