15 characteristics of Vata dosha according to Ayurveda

If you have taken your dosha quiz and identified that you are a Vata body type, then you must be curious about what are the characteristics of Vata dosha. Vata people are one of the most creative doshas. They are always way ahead in their thought process and some are even considered outliers.

They have a difficult time making people understand who they are and what it is that they want. But they are the purest souls. They don’t look at this world with reason or logic. They are spiritual creatures looking for answers deeper than life.

When I started learning Ayurveda, I read a lot about doshas and  I started relating myself with Vata dosha and then my Yoga teacher identified me as one.

It is really fascinating to see that Ayurvedic principles categorise your body and mind tendencies in energy frameworks like doshas. It makes your life extremely simple and having a lifestyle that suits your energy is the best way to go about it.

If you don’t know your dosha, you can take it here.

Vata is the combination of air and space, two elements of the universe. Both these elements are light and above the ground. This makes it difficult for Vata people to stay grounded.

If you want to read a detailed guide on Vata dosha and how to balance it, you can read it here. 

In this post, we have compiled 15 true and funny characteristics of Vata dosha you can relate with if you are a Vata dosha prominent.

15 Characteristics of Vata dosha


1. Vata people are creative

Vata people are the most creative people around. It is because of their futuristic thinking and their understanding of the world that makes them so unique. They have really unorthodox thinking and sometimes end up designing or creating something that is way ahead in the future. People often end up asking, ” What were you thinking?”.

2. Vata people are very active and mobile

Vata people are very active physically. They can do a lot of physical work without getting tired. If given a field job, they will be the ones that enjoy the most and get this done effectively.

As a kid, your parents were always wondering ” Where did Jack go?”. One moment you are here, the other you are somewhere else.

They have the ability to take care of the entire place on their own. Their house often looks clean as compared to their head. They enjoy doing things that involve a lot of movements like Yoga or dance.

3. Vata people are dreamers

You can spot a Vata dominant person easily if one is often lost in daydreaming. Vata people are dreamers, they tend to create stories in their heads, the stories of success, the stories of failure, the stories of triumph.

Even before embarking on a task, they dream about the future outcome of that task, a successful outcome.

For eg., if they are planning to start a business, they will think about how famous they are going to be when this becomes successful.  Or the first time they pick up a brush to paint they will start imagining being the next Picasso.

4. Vata people can’t stick to one thing

As easy as it is for them to come to an idea it is easier for them to change that Idea.  They cannot stick to one thing for a long time. They get bored quickly. Also, when you accomplish something your body releases dopamine and you enjoy that thrill.

The thing with Vata dosha is that they re so imaginative, that they can imagine their own success. The body behaves accordingly and you are able to feel the thrill even without accomplishing anything.

When such a person is faced with the quantum of tasks ahead, they often fret and quit in between.

5. Vata people live in the future

Vata people live in the future.  In May, they would start thinking about their winter vacations in winters they will start thinking about our summer vacations.  They think about how life will be after 30 years. I

They think about all the futuristic technologies that will come in place 20 years from now they wonder why and how and where they will be living in their fifties.

They are the early adopters of anything. They don’t shy away from talking about life on Mars or an impending apocalypse.

6. Vata people are always cold

If you think you are always cold and mild fluctuations in the temperature at the office makes you shiver, you are a Vata dosha type. Since Vata has the characteristics of air and space you are always cold.

The effect of air in your body is much higher than the effect of the other two doshas. Your hands and feet are cold during winters and you need layers and layers of clothes to keep yourself warm.

7. Vata people are all about thoughts and little execution

The biggest problem with Vata people is that they think a lot and do a lot less.  It is the very same difference between planners and executors. They have brilliant ideas but lack the zeal to spend time on them and make them work.

8. Vata want to do everything quickly

Vata people want to do everything quickly. Because of their unstable nature, they are quick to do things but they lack an eye for detail.

They want to finish the chore at hand asap instead of doing it perfectly. They will take up 100 things simultaneously.

9. Vata has a sweet tooth

Vata people have a tendency to favour sweet taste. It suits their body but they tend to go overboard with white sugar sometimes.

They, however, have a lean frame and are often envied upon for their bodies despite eating so much sugar.

10. Get carried away by stories

They love to do a lot of different things. They get inspired by anyone and everyone. If today they told you about becoming a chef because they are currently watching Masterchef, don’t be surprised.

They love reading and imagine themselves while reading that story. They watch a movie and immediately relate with the character.

11. Vata people don’t have a long term vision for themselves

The worst problem they suffer from is having a lack of vision. Vata people are often conflicted internally to really see forward for themselves. They live in the future but that future changes much frequently than anything.

They don’t understand how the Law of attraction works and how people have vision boards. If a Vata has a vision board, their confusion will be apparent.

You can see pictures of a huge Japanese home to a picture of a tiny house in the mountains. Their visions are so confusing that even the universe is confused as to what to give them.

12. Vata people are indecisive

Vata people are extremely indecisive. They can’t come to a decision without struggling with it for a long time.

Which means, Vata people can weigh the pros and cons of both decisions but they don’t know what cons they are willing to face at times.

They dwindle between two extremes and don’t pick up one thing.

13. Vata people are always anxious

Vata people are always anxious.  Something about the other will be going on in their head the time.  It is true, especially for females. They constantly worry about if something has been kept in the refrigerator or if something needs to be cleaned.

Vata people set extremely high goals for themselves which sets them for failure.  Constant worry about not being able to finish the task gives them a really hard time and are anxious all the time.

14. Vata people are always dry

This is the most annoying characteristics of Vata dosha and only they can understand it. You are always running out of moisturisers and no matter how much you moisturise your skin is always dry.

Their parched skin is because of excess wind in the body. The skin can crack or become extremely dry especially during winters which is also a Vata aggravating season.

In order to get rid of dryness, invest in good moisturisers and eat good quality fat to moisturise from the inside. Steam (not sauna) is a very good option for Vata people to open pores and hydrate their skins. Exfoliation using natural herbal powders can also benefit Vata people.

15. Vata people are generally aloof but can suddenly become over-attached

Vata people are constant thinkers and do not really need a lot of people around them most of the time.  They are generally aloof and are lost in their own world.

However, out of blue, one day they might come to you and complaint about how you are not spending with them.  Don’t be bewildered by their certain attachment to you. Vata people are attached yet detached at the same time. It is not every day that they need to express their emotions.

This is also powerful because it is easy for them to adapt to a new situation or move on to a different task or place and not worry about their past.



Most Vata dominant people share these 15 common characteristics of Vata dosha. If you are a Vata dominant or know someone who is, chances are you must have noticed some of these characteristics of Vata dosha in them.

While these are the common one’s there are several others that are unique to all of us. Comment below and let us know what other characteristics do you have as a Vata.


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3 years ago

With exception to the sweet tooth (have never enjoyed sweets), this perfectly describes me.

3 years ago

Spot on article but I wish I could find more positives for vatta dosha. It seems like we are the most troubled dosha and doomed if we don’t learn how to balance well.