The stroy of a scared little bird

Once there were two tiny squabs(baby pigeons). They were grey and yellow furry babies. Their mom would come to feed them every day thrice. They could not walk and could not fly so they were confined to their tiny little nest.

As they started growing up, they tried to stand more and more more. Their movement was more like them doing squats. In another week or two, they started flapping their wings.

One day an eagle caught sight of these babies in the nest and soon it came right at them and took one of them away. The other baby kept squealing throughout the day out of fear.

It stopped moving and stopped flapping its wings. It became stiff and unable to move. The mother saw this and kept pushing the baby until it started moving and flipping again. In another 4-weeks the scared little baby bird took its first flight.

We are all the same deep inside. If we see something bad happening in the word we get scared too. Sometimes we let go of the fear and sometimes we hold it on for life. Sometimes it becomes paralysing.

What do we do then? We have two choices like the bird, we stay still and forget about flying, die without trying and experiencing the feeling. Or we flip our wings once again and dive into this beautiful world with open wings and a hopeful heart.





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