Hair mask for dry hair: DIY shiny, dandruff-free & bouncy hair

Even after trying many off-the-shelf conditioners and hair masks for dry hair,  your hair and scalp are not being good to you. The problem with these products is their chemical composition. The chemicals used are too harsh for the skin and some are even carcinogenic. Natural hair mask for dry hair is one of the most efficient hair treatment for such problems.

In this post, I am going to give you a secret “hair mask for dry hair” recipe which is 100% natural and chemical-free. 

Although this mask works like magic, it will not be as effective if your system is weak internally. So, before going to the ingredients, let’s first understand the underlying reasons for dry and damaged hair.

Dry Hair: What is it and why do we get it?

Your hair is strands of a protein known as Keratin and derive nutrition from your scalp with the help of nerves. Hair health is the reflection of your internal health. 

Most of the times, the ends of the hair are dry while the ones near the scalp are healthy. Why?

Hair mask for dry hair- hair anatomy

1. Lack of nutrition

Imagine cells are single units which when stacked upon each other forms the entire length of the hair.  Now imagine a nerve that supplies the essential nutrients to your hair.

When the nutrients are available in ample amount the nutrition will reach even to the last cell. However, if there is a deficiency, the cells near the scalp will absorb all the nutrition leaving the last cells parched.

Vegetarians often lack the daily requirement of protein in the body which make up the most of the hair.

Dry hair anatomy

2. Chemicals in the hair products

A damaged hair can be compared to a worn off rope which is harsh to touch, has a lot of broken ends, and is easily breakable. Just like a rope is worn off after excessive use, your hair, when subjected to regular chemical treatments, heat treatments or pollution, can become dry, brittle, and lifeless. 

The shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks available in the market are full of chemicals that dry out your scalp completely and destroy the natural production of oils and leave very little for the hair cells to absorb.

3. Contact Dermatitis

Some people might get contact dermatitis from any chemical in the hair products. This type of dermatitis is often confused with dandruff. In order to get rid of dandruff, people go for anti-dandruff shampoos which can further aggravate the problem. The excessively dry scalp leaves the hair starved for nutrients. If you have persistent dandruff, you should think about changing your product and check if you are allergic to some ingredient. 

Dry Hair Reasons

4. Stress

Another most significant factor leading to hair problems in the modern world is STRESS. Yes, you heard that right. The stress hormone cortisol is the most damaging of all the hormones. The system goes haywire which affects your digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body.

How to get your bounce back

1. Dietary Changes

Include a source of protein in your diet like milk, eggs, pulses or a protein shake if you are not averse to having supplements. In case you are vegan, you can replace milk with almond milk/soybean milk and eggs with tofu or chia seeds.

2. Avoid using anything harsh on your hair

Stop using a lot of hairstyling treatments on your hair including hair sprays, hair colours and hair serums. Avoid blow-drying your hair until you fix the problem.

3. Get your medical checkup done

A small change in the hair texture can often be a symptom of an underlying problem like hormonal imbalances.  

4. Meditate

Stop that stress now. Stress releases Cortisol in our body which affects our entire metabolism. Find some time to meditate and reflect on all the good things you have.


.Hair mask for dry hair diet

5. Detoxify

Ayurvedic Panchakarma is a great detoxification process for skin-related issues. It resets the entire system and removes toxins both internally and externally.

Read how to do a home-based Ayurvedic Panchakarma.

Hair mask for dry hair

This homemade hair mask for dry hair has the luxury to be chemical-free. It uses ingredients that are right out of your kitchen shelf.


1. Eggs

Eggs are the ultimate solution for all your hair problems. Being rich in biotin, vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin K, Omega-3, Magnesium & Potassium, they provide all the nutrition your hair need. Use the entire egg, including the yolk because the yolk has a maximum of the aforementioned goodness. The lutein in eggs improves the hair elasticity.

2. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has long been used in Indian tradition for keeping the locks healthy and lustrous. It provides essential fats for hair growth and has amazing antibacterial and antifungal properties which can keep dandruff and lice at bay. Virgin coconut oil is a good choice for this hair mask.

3. Honey

Honey is the most beneficial humectant of nature which will provide deep hydration and nourishment to your hair. Also, its anti-inflammatory properties will soothe your scalp and the itchiness will go away with the first application. Raw honey works best for this hair mask.


1. Take one whole egg and break it open in a bowl

2. Add 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil

3. Add 2 tablespoon of raw honey

Directions of Use

Whisk the mixture thoroughly and apply evenly on your scalp and hair.

Put on a shower cap or a simple bun as the mixture doesn’t drip.

Keep the mask on for 20 mins before shampoo.

For best results use this mask once a week for 2 months. Continue after that as per your requirement. 


Results may vary from person to person.

The mask should give a gloss and also add some volume.

Your hair will feel bouncy and weightless.

If you have jet black hair like me, this mask will impart a slightly brown shade due to the mild bleaching action of honey (who doesn’t like a hint of brown 😉 ). 

Hair mask for dry skin results


Watch the video to make this DIY hair mask for dry hair here.


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