This is why you aren’t moving ahead in life.

Imagine you are in a car. You want to go to place X. You start the car and move 10 miles north, take a left turn and move 10 miles west. You suddenly forget the direction and your GPS stops working too. You are standing on the crossroads and you have to make a decision quickly.

So, you take a left again and go 10 miles towards the south. You stop your car and look around. The place looks familiar and you think you are going in the right direction.

Then you take another left and go 10miles to the east. Then suddenly you realised you have been driving around in circles.

You lost an hour of your time, didn’t reach place X for the party and now you are sulking over it.

This is what overthinking looks like. You miss out on life and you don’t reach anywhere in your life and then you think some more.

Having some directions laid out in life gives you a roadmap. It is then up to you to keep fulfilling those roadmaps and move ahead in your journey.


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Which room will you choose?

You are on a vacation. You go to a hotel to book a room. The hotel staff is very prompt and offers you a choice between two rooms.

You want to have a look at them before deciding which one to take. So, the manager accompanies you with two keys in his hands.

He takes you to the first room. As soon as he opens the door, a foul rotten smell fills the air. You don’t understand what’s happening. The manager asks you to enter the room.

The room is in the state of utter chaos. There are used smelly towels on the floor, some used utensils on the table, fruit skins on the table and bed linens crushed, crumpled and unfolded.

You are appaled by the place and you want to get out of it as quickly as possible. You start shouting at the manager and run out that room.

He politely asks you to go see the other room. You have started considering another hotel by now. But the manager convinces you to stay and look at the other option.

Reluctantly you follow him and enter the next room. The first thing you notice is the absence of the foul smell. You walk in a little relieved. You then enter the room and you are stunned.

The room is big, bright and serene with a lot of daylight. It has white walls with beautifully contrasting teak furniture. The bed linens are soothing white and ocean blue.

The french windows give you a nice view of the ocean. You step outside in the balcony and the cool ocean breeze grazes your hair.

The manager asks “Which one do you prefer?”. And without thinking even for a second you choose the second one. And who wouldn’t?

Now think about it. What if these rooms are your brains? The first one is the chaotic monkey mind and the other one is the serene meditative mind.

Every day you have a choice. Which one will you choose?

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The stroy of a scared little bird

Once there were two tiny squabs(baby pigeons). They were grey and yellow furry babies. Their mom would come to feed them every day thrice. They could not walk and could not fly so they were confined to their tiny little nest.

As they started growing up, they tried to stand more and more more. Their movement was more like them doing squats. In another week or two, they started flapping their wings.

One day an eagle caught sight of these babies in the nest and soon it came right at them and took one of them away. The other baby kept squealing throughout the day out of fear.

It stopped moving and stopped flapping its wings. It became stiff and unable to move. The mother saw this and kept pushing the baby until it started moving and flipping again. In another 4-weeks the scared little baby bird took its first flight.

We are all the same deep inside. If we see something bad happening in the word we get scared too. Sometimes we let go of the fear and sometimes we hold it on for life. Sometimes it becomes paralysing.

What do we do then? We have two choices like the bird, we stay still and forget about flying, die without trying and experiencing the feeling. Or we flip our wings once again and dive into this beautiful world with open wings and a hopeful heart.





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